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A Letter from Sama Bellomo

Events come and go. Audiences come and go. Sometimes we wonder how we are doing, if are reaching people, providing enough to help grow the world’s literary heritage person by person. This season, we received the following letter. How humbled … Continue reading

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A Warm, Spirited Evening is What We All Need and March 14th is Near.

Dear Friends, With the winter that has been upon us, a warm, spirited evening is what we seem to need and you’ll have just that this year on March 14th, HoCoPoLitSo’s 36th Annual Irish Evening. You who love literature, music, … Continue reading

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Blackbird Poetry Festival Features Billy Collins, “The Most Popular Poet in America”

Date: December 20, 2013         Contact: Pam Kroll Simonson, (443) 518-4568, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Blackbird Poetry Festival Features Billy Collins, “The Most Popular Poet in America” Howard County Poetry & Literature Society (HoCoPoLitSo), in partnership with Howard Community College’s Office … Continue reading

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Give the Gift of Lit: Tickets to Billy Collins and the 36th Annual Irish Evening Available.

Another year where you have to find that certain someone something especially special?  HoCoPoLitSo is here to help. This year, HoCoPoLitSo would like to make your life a little easier, giving you the opportunity to really delight your special someones … Continue reading

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From Abu Dhabi to Howard County and Back, Author Siobhan Fallon Lives Through the Jet Lag to Tell About It.

Jet lag, medically referred to as desynchronosis, is a physiological condition which results from alterations to the boy’s circadian rhythms resulting from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel on an aircraft. I was asking for it. Heading to Maryland … Continue reading

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Seamus Heaney, HoCoPoLitSo Remembers His Visits to Columbia

The many who heard Seamus Heaney during his three HoCoPoLitSo visits to Columbia (1982,1988 and 1994), the last not long before his being named Nobel Laureate for Literature, are saddened to learn of his recent death at age 74. We … Continue reading

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Patricia Smith, Sage String Quartet, and the Art of an Afternoon

An artist works alone in a garret, her solitary room the site of revelation. Or not. Patricia Smith, who recited and read her poetry detailing the wrath of Hurricane Katrina last week, labored on the afternoon of the performance for … Continue reading

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On Homewood and Uncloaked Light — Truth Thomas Reflects on Literature, The Homewood Center, and The Legacy Project

Why does literature matter, and why should any person, governmental body, or private sector limb give funding support to reading and writing programs? Invariably, such questions come to haunt the days of all poets and writers from time to time. … Continue reading

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Lucille Clifton & Carolyn Kizer Talk Writing

Now available for worldwide viewing on HoCoPoLitSo’s YouTube Channel, Lucille Clifton and Carolyn Kizer talking about writing. Lucille Clifton and Carolyn Kizer: In this first ever edition of HoCoPoLitSo’s “The Writing Life,” taped in 1985, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Carolyn Kizer … Continue reading

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The Blackbird Poetry Festival Presents Poetry Seen, Celebrating Poetry and the Visual Arts — Tuesday, April 23rd

This Tuesday, the 2013 Blackbird Poetry Festival invites you to be a part of Poetry Seen, exploring the intersections of poetry and the visual arts. The day-long festival on the campus  of Howard Community College features writers Rives, Rachel Eliza … Continue reading

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