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Wilde Readings

Wilde Readings is a free monthly literary reading series that provides local writers — poets, fiction, non-fiction — a chance to share their work with the community. The format showcases featured authors, as well as an open mic for interested audience members.

The open mic session offers a safe and supportive environment for teens and adults to share writing of all different forms. The atmosphere is welcoming, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get feedback on work-in-progress. All genre’s acceptable. Open mic presenters are asked to keep their readings to five minutes or less. Come explore how a range of creativity can inspire and fuel the imagination and nurture one’s one craft and well-being.

Wilde Readings are held the second Tuesdays of each month from September through early summer at the Columbia Association Art Center in the village of Long Reach. Readings start at 7 p.m.

Wilde Readings is sponsored by HoCoPoLitSo and coordinated by Laura Shovan, Ann Bracken, and Linda Joy Burke.

NOTE: The Wilde Readings team and HoCoPoLitSo seek to create a safe and inclusive space for all members of our audience. As artists ourselves, we encourage our featured artists and open mic readers to freely express themselves and their art. However, we recognize sometimes that may mean the artists broach subjects that may be sensitive or controversial – particularly in this volatile socio-political climate. Just as we encourage our artists and open mic readers to speak freely, we encourage our audience to do the same. We encourage you to speak freely with any comments or questions during the Q&A portion of the evening or using the chat and comments sections on the Zoom and Facebook platforms. Good art encourages discussion, and we are happy to provide that forum to the extent time allows.

Wilde Readings Hosts Fall 2022

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Here’s the fall line up of dates, featured readers, and open mic opportunities.

Wilde Readings Fall 2022 Schedule

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