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The Ellen Conroy Kennedy Poetry Prize

The annual Ellen Conroy Kennedy Poetry Prize honors our dear co-founder (1932-2020) and supports HoCoPoLitSo’s live literary programs.

The ECK Poetry Prize 2022 Information

The winning poet will be awarded a cash prize of $500, provided by the Friends of HoCoPoLitSo.  The winning poem will be published in The Little Patuxent Review and HoCoPoLitSo’s website.  Additionally, the winning poet will be celebrated with a press release, on social media, in a blog interview, and in the annual report.  A second prize winner will also be selected and awarded $100 and their poem will be published on HoCoPoLitSo’s website along with an a blog interview.

Eligibility: We welcome submissions from poets all ages and in all styles, including experimental, traditional, and short narrative poems. Each poet may submit one or two previously unpublished, original poems. Each poem should not exceed 100 lines. Submit one file per poem with no identifying author information. HoCoPoLitSo-appointed judges will consider each poem separately and without identifying author information to select one winning poem of exceptional quality. HoCoPoLitSo Board Members and staff are not eligible to submit.

Evaluation: Each poem will be judged separately and read anonymously. 

Reading Fee: $10 

The submission link will open on July 12, 2022 and stay open through September 12, 2022.

The winner will be notified by November 12, 2022

Past Winners


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