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Shakespeare Visits Howard County Middle Schoolers

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Year after year, a highlight of our literary season is being able to introduce the works of Shakespeare to students. This morning (December 19th), HoCoPoLitSo brings Bill’s Buddies, a troupe of Shakespearean actors from the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, to yet another audience of Howard County middle school students with a performance hosted at Marriotts Ridge High School.

Bills Buddies present scenes from a range of The Bard’s work in a lively manner that often finds audience members up on stage and ‘into the language’. As their study guide suggests,

Shakespeare’s plays still contain timeless situations you might see played out in the halls of your school everyday: miscommunicating your feelings, fights between friends, and problems within families, just to name a few. Watch Bill’s Buddies bring Shakespeare’s words to life as they perform at your school, and decide for yourself if Shakespeare’s language is worth a chance!

The engaging performances open the eyes and ears of students to the relevance of the work now centuries on, letting it speak to their generation. There’s magic in the web of it.

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