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30 Things You Might Do To Celebrate National Poetry Month

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  1. Read a poem. Out loud. Feel it the sound of it move through you and into the air.
  2. Watch and listen to Billy Collins’ Ted Talk.
  3. Practice the math of counting syllables by writing a 5-7-5 haiku.
  4. Follow HoCoPoLitSo on Facebook. And Twitter.
  5. Read a Poetry Blog.
  6. Stop by the library on the way home and borrow a volume of poetry.
  7. Read the latest issue of Little Patuxent Review.
  8. Tweet some poetically purple prose. Retweet someone else’s.
  9. Email a friend a favorite poem.
  10. Print out a poem and put it on a bulletin board for others to see.
  11. Watch a poet on YouTube.
  12. Bilingual? Have a go at translating a poem. Not? Try the exercise with a friend that has a second language.
  13. Write a love poem, just for fun. Share it with the intended.
  14. Subscribe to Poets.org’s Poem a Day email.
  15. Make a comment on a Poetry Blog.
  16. Find a soon to be significant other and read Neruda’s 20 Love Poems and a Song of Despair to each other.
  17. Donate to HoCoPoLitSo.
  18. Read a poem out loud to someone else.
  19. Go to a poetry reading at a coffee house. If it is an open mic, share your own work.
  20. Jot down an ode to something ordinary in your life.
  21. Buy tickets for yourself and a friend to the Nightbird Reading, featuring Kim Addonizio, Michael Cirelli, Nayma Ayala, and Mother Ruckus. After the evening reading, post on the HoCoPoLitSo page about your experience.
  22. Support a poet, buy their book. Now really support them: read it.
  23. Celebrate National Poem in You Pocket Day, April 26th, by carrying a poem in your pocket and sharing it with others.
  24. Take on Poets.org’s list of 30 things to do for National Poetry Month.
  25. Tweet about poetry. If it’s Friday, tell your followers to #ff @hocopolitso.
  26. Memorize a poem and carry it around inside you. Let it out again and again when the occasion warrants.
  27. Add a quote from a poem to your email signature for a month. Switch it with a new one next month. (No reason to stop the practice just because it isn’t National Poetry Month in May.)
  28. Watch an episode (or two) of HoCoPoLitSo’s The Writing Life on YouTube.
  29. Tell a poet what their work means to you. They’d love to hear. Face to face, in email, in a good old fashioned card.
  30. Encourage someone else to join you in taking on this list. After all, poetry is a thing best shared with others.


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